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Asian College of Science and Commerce
Asian College of Science and Commerce

Our Staff


Ms. Anita Sapte

Ms. Anita Sapte –

President, AAER's BE(Industrial Electronics), MBA(MArketing)

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Mr. Anand Sapte

Mr. Anand Sapte –

Vice-President, AAER

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Mr. Anil Sapte

Mr. Anil Sapte –


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Shruti Rege

Shruti Rege –

Vice-Principal, MCA(Engineering)

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Dr.Savita Singh

Dr.Savita Singh –

Principal, B.A . (Eng,Hin.)M.A.(Soc.Hin.) M.Phil. & Hindi

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Mrs. Swati G. Kale

Mrs. Swati G. Kale – HOD, BBA, BBA-IB

MBA Finance and HR, Amravti university

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