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Asian College of Science and Commerce
Asian College of Science and Commerce



Placement Service provided to the Students

  • Asian College of Science and Commerce extends career guidance, campus placement which is a gateway to a aspired career and helps the students to become competent in the world of cut-throat competition.At Asian College career services, soft skills development program, Professional Training and aptitude are provided which enhance the potentials of students and which creates maximum opportunities for the placement of the eligible students in the job market.
  • The on-campus recruitment at Asian College provides a convenient way for corporates to interview our students for permanent employment. The process has been designed jointly by the faculty, recruiters and students over the years and tries to optimize the interests of all.
  • We arrange workshops, alumni meet for interactions, we have collaboration with various multinational companies to open new avenue of career even we have different tie-ups and MOU’s which will nurture students in the academic in different Domains. We conduct pre placement activity program for the final year students which helps students to get placed in MNCs.

Activities & Support from the Alumni

  • Past students have supported in placement of current batch students in the reputed IT industries and in offering training programmes
  • Project guidance is made available from alumni to the students by means of lectures, project guidance & counseling sessions
  • Group Discussion and Seminars Group discussion sessions of the present students were arranged and seminar sessions of past students are arranged on every Saturday on different topics

Mock Interviews were conducted by past students for the current batch to face

Active participation in organizing Pre-Placement Talk, Students Success Stories.

Our Placed Students

Sr. No. Name Company Year
1 Mr.Chintamani Tingare EllieMae, Pune 2020-21
2 Mr. Akshay Dumbare Verasys technology Pvt. Ltd., Pune 2019-20
3 Ms. sejal Karajagar Alliance Technology, Pune 2019-20
4 Ms. Bhagyashree Madkaikar Cognizant Technology, Pune 2019-20
5 Mr. Dharmendra Nishad Infosys Pvt. Ltd., Pune 2019-20
6 Ms. Aditi Persistent Sustem pvt. Ltd., Pune 2019-20
7 Ms. Pooja Khule Sumasoft Pvt. Ltd., Pune 2019-20
8 Mr. Ashish Kachure Cognizant, Pune 2019-20
9 Ms. Shabdali Tribhuwan Kahuna Systems, Pune 2019-20
10 Ms. Priyanka Chaphekar Tata Consultancy Services, Pune 2019-20
11 Ms. Apari Vijaya Cognizent, Pune 2019-20
12 Mr. Anish Karve Wipro Pvt. Ltd., Pune 2019-20
13 Mr. Nikhil Temgire Yiron technoogies 2019-20
14 Ms. Gudisagar Neha Capgemini, Pune 2019-20
15 Ms. Puja Vaidya Allstate Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune 2019-20
16 Mr. Bhosale Lalit Fidel Tech, Pune 2019-20
17 Ms. Pathan Naziya Accenture, Pune 2019-20
18 Ms. Sneha Vyavhare Accenture, Pune 2019-20
19 Ms. Yande Rucha Tieto, Pune 2019-20
20 Ms. Mane Rutuja Alliance Technology, Pune 2019-20
21 Mr. Swami Saurjit Infosys, Pune 2019-20
22 Ms. Prankashi Somawanshi Amdocs Pvt. Ltd., Pune 2019-20
23 Ms. Jagruti Shinde Infosys Pvt. Ltd, Pune 2019-20
Sr. No. Name Company Year
1 Mr. Shubham Dorle Vighnaharta PVC Ceiling Decorators and Furniture Self Business 2019-20
2 Mr.Swapnil Maruti Nalawade KPMG Project Manager 2019-20
3 Ms. Sneha Aaglawe Radiance Skin Clinic, Pune Administrative Officer 2019-20
4 Mr.Yash Mahesh Mate Vision Cricket Academy, Pune

Self Owner/td>

5 Mr.Swapnil Divekar Cafe Coffee Day

Self Owner/td>

6 Mr. Karan Nazare

Project Manager/td>

7 Mr. Jitesh Dhumal Havelooke(Udaan) Purchase Officer 2018-19
Sr. No. Name Company Year
No Data Found