Kranti Din

TOPIC:- “(Program Of Kranti Diwas(Quit India Movement Day)”

Resource Person:-          Mr.Abhijit Deshmukh)

   Date:- 9th August 2021.

            Asian College of Science and Commerce has organised program on Kranti Diwas(Quit India Movement Day). Under the Cultural and NSS department.Mr.Abhijit Deshmukh  sir encourages the students about the thought process of the all freedom fighter about the society. They also mention that the Chafekar Bandhu,Jalian vala bagh Hatyakand and all movements takes place..Bhagat singh Rajguru and all freedom fighter.Mrudula Solapurkar mam perform the anchoring of the program and The vote of thanks given by the Assistant Professor Amrut Patil sir.


         In this session the Mr.Abhijit Deshmukh  sir explained about the how the Kranti Diwas is a day observed to remember the historic ‘Quit India Movement’ initiated by Gandhi and Indian National Congress. This day is celebrated by national integration speeches, tributes to various freedom fighters, organisation of national level programmes apart from various other events. The term ‘Kranti’ stands for ‘Revolution’ and ‘Divas’ stands for ‘Day’, a day for revolution. Quit India movement date was decided to be on 9th August 1942. Quit India Movement was a civil disobedience movement which was declared as a passive resistance nicknamed ‘Do or Die’. The movement was to be carried out through peaceful mass protests and closing of business so as to force the British Government out of India, once and for all. resources.So  system as separate from Untouchables. Ambedkar oversaw the transformation of his political party into the schedule caste federation  although it performed poorly in the 1946 elections for Constitute assembly of India. Later he was elected into the constituent assembly of Bengal.

            The Deshmukh sir are also mentioned about the Chafekar Bandhu how they make planned about the Killing the Rand who is treating the Indian People very badly during the Plague period The rand was killing the affected people of plague that’s why the Chafekar bandhu planned for killing this cruel man.After this the Savarkar was inspired for getting the Independence for Indian people. They describe all history and says that the how we are taking inspiration from the past because past is very important for improving our self and how the Ingland people can how make the Devidation of India and Pakistan into the different parts that’s why too many hidus and the Muslims are injured and affected by this Devidation.


  • Objectives of Program

1. To providing knowledge about the all Indian freedom fighters efforts.

2. To Create Awareness about the human rights.

3. To Promote students about the introducing information of Freedom fighters.

4. To Encourage about our culture