• August 9, 2021 - 12:00

Kranti Diwas is a day observed to remember the historic ‘Quit India Movement’ initiated by Gandhi and Indian National Congress. This day is celebrated by national integration speeches, tributes to various freedom fighters, organisation of national level programmes apart from various other events. The term ‘Kranti’ stands for ‘Revolution’ and ‘Divas’ stands for ‘Day’, a day for revolution. Quit India movement date was decided to be on 9th August 1942. Quit India Movement was a civil disobedience movement which was declared as a passive resistance nicknamed ‘Do or Die’. The movement was to be carried out through peaceful mass protests and closing of business so as to force the British Government out of India, once and for all.

As it is the day when quit India movement began it is referred as Quit India Movement Day. And as the movement was launched during August, it is also known as August Movement Day or August Kranti Divas. The movement was not a huge success as there were differences amongst the political parties regarding the movement, the British government’s suppression and lack of effective international support. The fruits of the movement didn’t come immediately but they were on the way. The mass support and participation of the Indian people jolted the British administration and ruling India was getting more and more tough. The movement further awakened the spirit of freedom amongst the Indians. The end of the world war affected Britain’s authority in the world and it could no longer maintain control over its Indian colonies. Not immediately but eventually the Quit India Movement did catalyse the independence of India from British rule on August 15, 1947.   

On 9th August 1942, the movement started but the British regime was quick to act, they arrested Gandhiji and all the members of the Party’s Working Committee (national leadership). Due to the arrest of major leaders, a young Aruna Asaf Ali presided over the AICC session on 9 August and hoisted the flag. Despite lack of direct leadership, large protests and demonstrations were held all over the country. Workers remained absent en masse and strikes were called. Not all demonstrations were peaceful, at some places bombs exploded, government buildings were set on fire, electricity was cut and transport and communication lines were severed. The movement was a huge success in regions like Satara, Talcher, and Midnapore. In Tamluk and Contai subdivisions of Midnapore, the local populace even established a parallel government.


Asian College has Organised a Guest Lecture on Account of “KRANTI DIN”. The Guest Speaker is “Mr. Abhijit Deshmukh” and he will guide our faculty and students on this Day.


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